Product Introduction:

AlNiCo is an term referring to a series of permanent magnet alloys which in addition to iron are composed primarily of aluminium (Al), nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co). The composition of alnico alloys is typically 8–12% Al, 15–26% Ni, 5–24% Co, up to 6% Cu, up to 1% Ti, and the balance is Fe.
Before the development of rare earth magnets in the 1970s, Alnico was the strongest type of permanent magnet. In many applications Alnico has been
replaced by other type of magnets. However, the temperature stability of Alnico magnets, and the fact that they can be used in very high temperatures, up to 500C, make them indispensable in certain applications.


1. High remanence and it is up to 1.35T.
2. Low temperature coefficient, which can reach -0.02%/℃, so there is a small change in magnetic properties with the change of temperature. 
3. The maximum working temperature is will be up to 500℃. It is suitable for instruments and apparatuses with high requirements of temperature stability.
4. Strong corrosion resistance, it doesn’t need plating

AlNiCo Performance:

Manufacturing process:

Charge Mixture---->Jet Milling---->Suppressing---->Sintering---->Thermal Treatment---->Performance Detection---->Machining---->Inspection and Packaging


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