Product Introduction:

Bonded NdFeB Magnets are made of NdFeB Powder and polymers. They can be magnetized into complex patterns with multiple poles. Though much weaker than Sintered Neodymium magnets, Bonded neodymium magnets give greater flexibility in terms of shapes that can be made. Nevertheless, they offer excellent value for applications that require a smaller magnet or utilize radial rings.

Product Characteristic:

With isotropic characteristic, bonded magnet can be axial direction magnetized. With bonding process, thin wall magnet and magnet with complex shapes can be obtained. And this product offers high coercive force and magnetic energy product.


Bonded permanent magnet can be used in the step motors, servo motors, horologe motors, sensors, automobile meters etc.

Bonded Neo Radial Ring:

Magnetization orientation:

Magnetic Performance

Manufacturing Process:

Burdening-----Making Powder----Molding-----Grinding and polishing-----Surface treatment-----Magnetizing-----Package-----Into Storage


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