SmCo is a kind of material made from raw earth metal samarium and cobalt and produced by after a serial of process burdening, melting, milling, pressing and sintering. It is also a high performance, low temperature coefficient permanent magnet with its high working temperature-350℃. When working above 180℃, its maximum energy product BH ,temperature stability and chemical stability are superior than NdFeB magnetic materials. It needn’t to be coated because it is difficult to be eroded and oxidized. SmCo magnet is widely used in space probe, national defense and military, microwave appliance, communication, medical equipment, motors, instruments, various magnetism spreading devices, sensors, magnetic processor, and magnetic lifter and so on.

The characteristics of SmCo:

1. Good coercivity
2. Good temperature stability
3. Corrosion protection, rust prevention and high temperature resistance are better than NdFeB

Magnetic Properties:

Manufacturing process:

Charge Mixture, Smelting, Casting, Jet Milling, Moulding, Sintering, Magnetic Inspection, Grinding Cutting and Finished Product.


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