Product Introduction:

As a rare earth permanent magnetic material, Nd-Fe-B has high magnetic energy product, coercive force and high energy density with good mechanical property, and it is the strongest permanent magnet in the world, so it has been the widely used in modern industry and electronic technology.

Product Show:

1. Shape

Round   Block Arc special-shape

2. Application

IT industry Eletroacoustic Industry Elevator Magnets Wind Power Generation
High Efficient Motor Nuclear magnetic resonance Household Appliance Automobile Field
Servo Motor Field      

Magnetic Performance of Sintered NdFeB Magnets

Physical Properties at Room Temperature


Nd-Fe-B products are porous sintered materials with poor oxidation resistance. Therefore, the surface treatment is necessary in many occasions. Surface treatment schemes include Passivated, Nickel, Zinc, Tin, Cupper, Epoxy and Chemical coating.

BH Curve

N48H N50M N52

Manufacturing process

Burdening------Melting-------Hydrogen Decrepition------Milling-----Orientation Molding-----Sintering----Thermal Treatment-----Magnetic Performance testing-----Fine Machine----Plating-----Appearance Inspection and dimension measurement------Magnetizing------Package


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